Work for us!

We are constantly looking for more health workers worldwide. Join now. It’s free and you will belong to a network of like-minded people. You will receive information, and you will be able to follow First Wellness Testing´s (FWT) progress in different countries. We also hope to offer exciting reports on the state of health of the world and other useful medical information.

MedQnect has a wide range of opportunities for everyone who joins. We are always looking for qualified candidates around the world. While we cannot guarantee any assignments directly, FWT will contact you when we have an opportunity in your country. We are growing every day, and there are more and more missions in all countries.
How it works

The health workers that have joined the MedQnect community will be approached by FWT for any assignments that have been received from their clients. A comprehensive evaluation and recruitment process will be conducted at MedQnect to identify the right individual for each assignment. Our basic criterias includes a minimum age of 20 years, and that you are adequately qualified for the assignment. English is mandatory for our communication. It is an advantage to have a flexible working schedule due to project timings. This is not a full-time job and most members of our teams have regular jobs in addition to their mission for us. The workload varies greatly from country to country and project to project.