MedQnect – The new, global network of the future for people working in healthcare and wellbeing, with the aim of exchanging experiences, offering new opportunities and personal development. It’s also about opportunities for new assignments and extra income. It is a global tool for a healthier world. MedQnect is a free online network for professionals within the healthcare movement – to help them to find jobs and connect with potential business partners. MedQnect does not focus on making friends or sharing media like photos, videos etc. MedQnect offers personal development through education activities, seminars, and information sharing. It is optional to create a profile page, and update the profile with your education, job details and a summary. MedQnect is a First Wellness Testing brand.



First Wellness Testing (FWT)

The business model consists of a global network of doctors, nurses and other medical personnel in teams. Our specialty is to provide companies worldwide with quality health tests through biometrics and blood testing. Our team of healthcare workers visits customers on site to perform health tests. The goal is to provide simple and effective solutions in approximately 80 countries. The FWT network is growing every day. Our services help companies and their employees to evaluate and understand the health risks they may face. A clear strategy for wellness and health programs is becoming a mainstay in companies around the world. These programs can significantly reduce the cost of corporate personnel services: Increase well-being, reduce absenteeism, increase efficiency and productivity. The biometric testing program mainly consists of evaluations designed to identify future problems and to find current or potential medical problems.