Stay active and increase your chances of longevity

By exercising at least 4 days/week, with a mix of both aerobic (endurance training) and anaerobic (cardio training), the risk reduction of chronic disease for both men and women are greater than 45-50%. This according to one of the most rigorous systematic reviews done on physical activity and mortality or incidence of chronic disease. The study is the foundation for Canada’s Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults (Warburton et al. 2010) as well as for the international recommendations.


Being physically inactive is linked to these seven chronic conditions:
Coronary artery disease (CAD) • Stroke • Hypertension • Colon Cancer • Breast Cancer • Type II diabetes • Osteoporosis. According to the researchers, the data they gathered, showed that adults (20-55) should accumulate: 60 minutes daily physical activity or 30 minutes moderate-vigorous activity on at least 4 days/week.

The outcomes:

-Mean 31% lower risk for all-cause mortality in the most active individuals
-When objective measures of aerobic fitness are taken the risk reductions are even greater approximating 45%
-Consistent between men and women
-Risk reductions greater than 50% were not uncommon in these studies

This shows that habitual physical activity has an important role in the primary and secondary prevention of a variety of chronic conditions.

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